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28th October 2006

nivek_jacobs8:01am: Who would have thought that a damn demon like me would be considered by anyone to be not just an ally, but an "angel friend"? I get this fucked-up email from the boy I'm trying to protect, and...well, I'll let you read it for yourselves:

"In my whole life,
There is no one else like you.
Someone who changed my life,
Just by being you.
You are an angel to me.

The music of your laughter
Still lightens my inner ear.
You showed me you believe,
That there really is good here.
You are an angel for me.

You showed me that you care,
When I was really down,
You never turned away,
Nor showed me a saddened frown.
You are an angel beside me.

Even when you are sad and blue,
And life is hard on you,
You spare me one more smile,
Just like God's loving child.
You are God's angel to me.

You have done so much for me,
And given me your time.
I have a gift for you,
With this imperfect rhyme.

Thank you my angel friend."

How the hell can anyone, especially a human, think something so highly of something like me?
Current Mood: shocked

14th October 2006

nivek_jacobs7:22am: Halloween special
Ah, it's good to be back. I missed this place, but alas: I must leave my marker here, and leave until All Hallow's Eve. Even though it's fun to be out, I have a ...friend... to take care of. But for now, I'll leave you with a joke: How many priests does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Three. One to screw the lightbulb, one to exorcise the room of every spirit they can find, and the third to nag the first guy for screwing a f***ing lightbulb.
Current Mood: amused

26th October 2005

b_ferrett8:51pm: Homoeroticism in Batman? Really?
Caught a video clip from an old 60’s TV Batman episode. The Riddler has Robin on a conveyer belt, with the inevitable buzz saw at the end of it. As The Riddler’s minions, including a pretty young woman, watch gleefully, he gloats over his very youthful-looking captive.

How did I not see this the first time around?Collapse )

27th September 2005

b_ferrett2:37pm: Greetings. By way of introduction, and as a way of kick-starting discussion, I offer a set of guidelines, “Principles”, if you will, for Elegant Entertainments (or, “deathtraps”).
Please allow me to introduce myselfCollapse )

14th August 2005

nivek_jacobs11:17pm: Guess what, Everyone? I'm baaack! With a vengance!
Current Mood: excited

28th July 2005

ev1ln1njamaster12:34am: Image hosted by Photobucket.com

19th June 2005

nivek_jacobs1:02am: The darkness of Nivek Jacobs has been incorperated into the light that is Guido Jacobs, to create a zen-like harmony between yin and yang. If and when the two forces seperate once more, Nivek will return.
Current Mood: philosophical

24th May 2005

ev1ln1njamaster10:51pm: Image hosted by Photobucket.com

18th May 2005

nivek_jacobs10:41am: Damn it!
Well, aparently I'm this "shikigami" (demon summoned to assassinate political competition, and in otherways assist the wizard summoner) of Guido. Long story. Sure, it's a busy job, but I get to possess him whenever he has a girl that wants to be fucked, and/or an enemy that needs to be "taken out"! The video games we play aren't too lame either. According to Guido, MY power can only be as much as HIS power, and seeing how all he has came from intuition, and no real training, I can't, say, possess anyone else, or use any dark spells. Any ideas?
Current Mood: aggravated

16th April 2005

nivek_jacobs12:25am: Bah, does anyone pay any mind to this anymore?
Current Mood: frustrated

25th February 2005

free_episiotomy3:04pm: I haven't the slightest idea as to what to post. . .

My name is Radical Edward Edinburgh and I cannot say I have any specific group I enjoy terrorizing however I find that Hippies/PETA/GreenPeace members are usually quite enjoyable. I've yet to tie anyone to train tracks but it would definitely fun to do, a few people pop into my mind. As for the best rope, I would say nylon, it's tough stuff and if it 'accidentally' catches fire, it melts and I imagine that would be quite unpleasant.
World domination would not be my main goal. Too much responsibility. I'd be happiest with a single super power that I would rule with an gloveless iron fist, crushing the dissidents and undesirables throughout the land and devouring their souls. However I'd be just as satisfied as being notorious and pulling off legendary crimes.
My weapon of choice next to my own bare hands would be Edward's Silver Hammer (Imagine the Megaton Hammer). Perhaps a hot pink double-headed dildo but only if I wanted the victim be insulted whilst I bludgeoned them to death. However I'm also partial to flamethrowers and improvised weapons. As long as they get the job done, I'm as happy as can be.

27th January 2005

nivek_jacobs2:02pm: THIS INFURIATES ME!
Villain Supply.com is down! Has been for nearly a week now!
Current Mood: Lets kill them.

25th January 2005

nivek_jacobs12:18pm: Greetings, source of evil
Salutations, I am the incarnate of Dr. Jeckyll's evil half. Good can be dominated so easily...
Current Mood: Get used to this, I did.

26th October 2003

thefangdango11:05am: Greetings
Hello to my fellow villains out in the world! I am the Fangdango!!
Doctor Fangdango!!!
I am The Sexy!

My plan is, of course, for world domination. It is a bit slow going right now all great plans take the equal amount of time.

I am elated to see other individuals interested in similiar subjects and I look forward to sharing inspirational ideas!
Current Mood: amused

3rd October 2003

sxedrewells9:14am: oops oh yeah more
ok you wanted a physical description of me as a villain/hero:

short blonde hair, brown eyes, 5'11, clean shaven, skinny. wears brown shoes, fitting slacks/cargos, some kind of white colored shirt (with stripes sometimes), black tie most of the time. when i'm the hero, i wear the a brown fedora (like the hat Dick Tracy wears, only its not yellow); when i'm the villain, i wear a scally cap (gangsters from the 50's wore them a lot; the hat where the front buttons to the brim). master of criminal psychology love listening to ska and like to play songs by the slackers (a traditional ska band) while watching my victims struggle. My hero name is Andrew; my villain name is Drewells.

i also want to say that i really want to kidnap elizabethia (i think that's her name). you're so cute, and i will make you mine one way or another...

ok i hope that last line wasn't off-putting. is there anything else i need to post? ok everyone have a good day.
Current Mood: groggy

1st October 2003

sxedrewells10:43pm: i'm the new guy
hi, um, i'm not sure what exactly i should post the first time, but i'll give it a shot.

I'm willing to play a hero or villain where I'm needed. I guess if i have a preference, i'd be villain because i like to do the tying up. but i see this place is short on heros, so if i need to play that roll, it's cool.

anyway, um, anything that needs to be known?

4th March 2003

pussinboots4:36pm: Who is your favorite villain?
My favorite is Gerald Tarrant, the First and Only Neocount of Merentha, from C. S. Friedman's The Coldfire Trilogy. I think the world could use more suave, arrogant, aristocratic, good-looking undead sorcerors with scathing tongues and twisted personal ethics.

...And you? Who's your favorite? (No choosing yourself--come on, we all admire SOMEONE. ;D)
Current Mood: amused

11th October 2002

moraxian3:13pm: Our Heroes (so to speak!)
Something to reminisce about. (Borrowed from drainbead)

The Top 100 Movie Villains of All Time.
Current Mood: nostalgic

22nd June 2002

moraxian12:00am: Interesting Link
Well, this is not where I, as a villainous sort, get my devices. But for those who are just starting out, this might be a place to begin:


Good luck.
Current Mood: thoughtful

15th June 2002

fox_bard1:04am: Idle Thoughts
Amongst my ponderings to torture people, I came up with this thought:

Imagine a scenario of being mugged. Sucks, yes, but an everyday occurance. Now I am not about to give some two-bit unimaginitive criminal jack shyte. So I decided that should an assailant attempt to apprehend me, I would start gagging, spitting up, and mention in a gasping voice that I must have the new plague they announced on the news today. Then proceed to do more gasping, clawing at my throat, and possibly writhing around on the ground in mock convulsions.

I never said I was sane, did I?
Current Mood: crazy

29th May 2002

fox_bard10:47pm: Hmmm... I LIKE IT!
Does driving other people insane count as villainy? That is my normal M.O. these days.

For example: Going to a busy mall on a crowded Saturday afternoon... wearing a radiation suit with a geiger counter. And loudly proclaiming "Nothing is wrong, everything is fine, please continue as you were." Then randomly testing people with the geiger counter.

If I thought I could get away with it, I'd probably do it. I don't want to join Lex Luther behind the bars. It was a good idea until last fall though. :(
Current Mood: creepy
moraxian10:08pm: Welcome
A hearty welcome to all of you ne'er-do-wells, scoundrels, and cads. At least that is the term the general public likes to use to describe us. Why, I do not know.

I mean, who has not thought about what fun it would be to imperil a beautiful damsel in distress, if only to see if she can escape, or if someone can thwart the plan.

Come, exchange your ideas, your thoughts, your plots, and most importantly, your adventures.
Current Mood: devious
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