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Predatory Behavior

Greetings. By way of introduction, and as a way of kick-starting discussion, I offer a set of guidelines, “Principles”, if you will, for Elegant Entertainments (or, “deathtraps”).

1. Consequential:
1.01 Consequences of inaction must be serious; lethal if possible. Painful always.
1.02 Desire of guest must naturally be avoidance of the consequence. It’s not fun if they don’t suffer!

2. Organic:
2.01 Non-mechanistic. Natural materials where possible.
2.02 As few driving forces as possible; gravity preferred (mass of the guest ideal).
2.03 Synergistic -- the guest's actions short of escape contribute to the inevitable consequence.
2.04 Effective without cruelty - restraints to function without injuring the guest (reserved for Article I).

3. Inexorable:
3.01 Failure to act on the part of the guest means suffering full consequence (an active mechanism).
3.02 Consequence should occur regardless of the desires of the guest.
3.03 Once the process is begun, the only escape is escape.

4. Effective:
4.01 No Escape mechanism built-in. Let’s not make it too easy on our guests.
4.02 Natural advantage to lie with the entertainment, not the guest. See above.
4.03 The entertainment to be efficient - performing its function without waste. Waste can be defined as excessive unintended cruelty or non consequence-related physical damage. We want our victims presentable when all is said and done.

5. Interesting:
5.01 Guest to have freedom of movement short of escape and violation of other principles. The more picturesque wriggling, the better.
5.02 Slow - action and consequence gradual rather than sudden. Maximize time spent in anguished struggle.

If we all adhere to these Principles in deathtrap design, we will all benefit by the accompanying increase in efficiency, ecological responsibility, effectiveness and entertainment value of all our excruciations. With these benefits will come a concurrent increase in pay scales for hench-personnel, attracting a higher quality of minions. By following these principles, we can ensure we remain a growth industry as long as there are damsels to distress and heroes to imperil.

Thanks for you attention.
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