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This is a community for those who have villainous tendencies can meet and discuss issues. The issues we might discuss are:

- Which rope is best for tying damsels to the rails?
- What is the best way to keep buzzsaws sharp?
- Where can one get an abandoned warehouse at a reasonable price?
- How many heroes does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

I am sure by sharing these ideas, we can ensure that more of our evil plots can come to fruition.

Our Card:

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User Number: 575327
Date Created:2002-05-29
Number of Posts: 4

The community for all those who are willing to wreak havoc upon the world, one damsel-in-distress at a time.
Strengths: Skilled with knots, reading train scheduled, keeping buzzsaws sharp, wiring time bombs.
Weaknesses: Failures are quite frequent.
Special Skills: Designing very complicated and elaborate deathtraps.
Weapons: Buzzsaws, locomotives, pendulums, explosives.
Motto: You have to win every time, villains have to win only once.

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