PFC Drew Wells (sxedrewells) wrote in villains,
PFC Drew Wells

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oops oh yeah more

ok you wanted a physical description of me as a villain/hero:

short blonde hair, brown eyes, 5'11, clean shaven, skinny. wears brown shoes, fitting slacks/cargos, some kind of white colored shirt (with stripes sometimes), black tie most of the time. when i'm the hero, i wear the a brown fedora (like the hat Dick Tracy wears, only its not yellow); when i'm the villain, i wear a scally cap (gangsters from the 50's wore them a lot; the hat where the front buttons to the brim). master of criminal psychology love listening to ska and like to play songs by the slackers (a traditional ska band) while watching my victims struggle. My hero name is Andrew; my villain name is Drewells.

i also want to say that i really want to kidnap elizabethia (i think that's her name). you're so cute, and i will make you mine one way or another...

ok i hope that last line wasn't off-putting. is there anything else i need to post? ok everyone have a good day.
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